Dr. Tran is an amazing doctor! I have been a patient of hers for 15 plus years. I have tried other dentists but I always kept coming back. Dr.Tran and her team really to extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and all your dental hygiene needs are met. I recommend her to all my family members and friends and really to everyone :-) I travel from Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Tran's office make s the long drive worth it. Thanks Dr. Tran!

Adriana Sanchez

Dr. Tran is my insurance company's referred Dentist. Normally, I would not go the insurance company's referred Doctors, but she is so gentle and so easy to be with. I had no problem giving up my own Dentist to see Dr. Tran. I would have referred anyone to Dr. Tran for dentistry work.

Phyllis Goldstein

I could not be happier with the dental service I received from Dr. Tran's office. You are treated like a true patient. The attention is so personalized. You get all of your questions answered, and actually understand the "root" of the problem. I keep coming back to Dr. Tran for over ten years now. All her staff is really great, and I truly mean all of them. I entrust all of my dental work to Dr. Tran. She really cares and she is true professional as well as compassionate and understanding doctor.

Martha Cornejo

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